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Our team is interested in building chatbots for Facebook, Telegram and other platforms. During SummerCamp 2016 we developed an open-source chatbot framework Golem. Using Golem, we are able to create quick prototypes as well as complex production-ready bots. 

Golem uses Wit.ai for NLP (Natural Language Processing) and a state & context based dialog manager. 

Prague Visitor Bot

Prague Visitor Bot was developed using Golem during SummerCamp 2016 by our master programme students David Příhoda and Jakub Drdák. 

Prague Visitor Bot is designed to make your stay in Prague as enjoyable as possible. You can ask it about current events, restaurants, public transport, weather, currency exchange and more. 

The guide is currently available as "Prague Golem Guide" on Facebook, try it out yourself by sending a message!

How it works

General overview 

Dialog flow 

Example conversations





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