Datalab Birds mine another victory at the Angry Birds AI Competition

Team Datalab Birds from the Faculty of Information Technology, CTU, yet again won the Angry Birds AI Competition, making it their second consecutive win!  The competition, this year, was held at the 24th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Buenos Aires.

Competing remotely with the agent they programmed for the 2014 competition, team Datalab Birds, students Radim Špetlík and Karel Rymeš supervised by PhD candidate Tomáš Borovička, won the Grand Finale against the runner up team AngryHex from Italy and Austria, also competing remotely. The organizers termed the grand finale as “the most exciting AIBIRDS match ever”. The Datalab birds agent maintained its lead right from the secondquarter-final , through the semi-final to the Grand Finale. Though AngryHex had a higher score rate in individual levels of the Grand Finale, the Datalab birds agent solved all the 8 levels taking the lead, as compared to its opponent agent which solved 7 levels. The final result stood at 529610 and 512220 respectively. For further details about the results and other participating teams, please check:

Learn more about team Datalab Birds’ 2014 win at the 21st European Conference of Artificial Intelligence in Prague, here:

See how the agent is playing here.

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