Team DataLab wins the ČSOB Hackathon!

Team DataLab won the ČSOB Hackathon that took place on 21th March 2015 at Era Svět, Prague.

 The competitors were expected to develop a system that would visualize the data provided by the organizers with utmost creativity. The data simulated traffic on the network. The network consisted of some servers, each of which had a number of users, administrators of the servers and hackers. The hackers attacked the servers and the administrators tried to protect them. The competition that commenced at 9 a.m., ended at 6 p.m. with the participants presenting their day’s work which was assessed by the jury. Members of the jury were Tobiáš Vybíral, graphic studio Symbolisti founder, Marek Beránek, the headmaster of the Unicorn College, Ivan Kutil, AppSatori company co-founder, and Milan Dolanský, member of ČSOB innovation team.

 Each participating team consisted of two to four participants; David Příhoda, Tomáš Brůna and Radim Špetlík lead by Tomáš Bartoň formed the DataLab team.  

Nike Jordan

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