Data preprocessing, Best Semester Project Award.

We at Data Lab want to encourage students in Artificial Intelligence oriented courses so here’s some motivation for all the students from the Data preprocessing course (MI-PDD) presenting their final semester project; we will be awarding the best semester project with a Leap Motion Controller!

Explore the world of Leap Motion at:

Also, the best presentation will be displayed on our website!

Yes, we are as excited as you are! Make this decision a hard one for us and we will be pleased. We look forward to your presentations.

About MI-PDD, Data preprocessing:

Data pre-processing is a crucial step for successful data mining. Data pre-processing steps can take considerable amount of time very often significantly more then processing itself. However, irrelevant, redundant and noisy information in the data complicates the training phase and usually prevents to achieve the best results. Knowledge of algorithms for data cleaning, normalization, transformation, feature extraction and selection from various data sources is a fundamental part of knowledge engineering.

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