DataLab Birds' flight of glory.

Team Datalab Birds from Faculty of Information Technology won the Angry Birds AI Competition 2014 held at the 21st European Conference of Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2014)

The competition guideline was to create an artificial intelligence agent to play the popular game Angry Birds, without human intervention. There were a total of 11 participant teams from around the world! However, the Datalab Birds team, students Radim Špetlík and Karel Rymeš supervised by PhD candidate Tomáš Borovička, from the Faculty of Information Technology, CTU, constantly lead all rounds and became the AIBIRDS 2014 Champion with their grand final score being 406340, almost double of the runner up team AngryBER from the University of Ioannina in Greece which scored 243880. Team PlanA+ from Sejong University in South Korea stood third scoring 206620. To know further details about the results, refer:

See how the agent is playing here.

The winning agent was developed during the Summer Camp organized by eClub in co-operation with Data Science Laboratory. We express our gratitude to eClub and its partners, CTU MediaLab and CIG, for their unceasing support.

eClub CIGCTU in Prague


Award ceremony.


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