DataLab birds places third at annual Angry Birds AI Competition

Team 'DataLab Birds' comprised of Karel Rymeš and Radim Špetlík, under the supervision of PhD student Tomáš Borovička, placed third at the International Angry Birds Artificial Intelligence Competition. The competition was held at IJCAI 2016 in New York and the team members took part locally this year thanks to the support of the Faculty of Information Technology at Czech Technical University in Prague. Team’s task was to devise and implement a working artificial intelligence that would play the game better than us, humans. The CTU team succeeded in the competition third year in a row, building on two previous wins.

For detailed information about the competition visit the official website. You can also see how the agent is playing. Or you can read about previous AI Birds competitions.



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Datalab Birds mine another victory at the Angry Birds AI Competition

Team Datalab Birds from the Faculty of Information Technology, CTU, yet again won the Angry Birds AI Competition, making it their second consecutive win!  The competition, this year, was held at the 24th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Buenos Aires.

Competing remotely with the agent they programmed for the 2014 competition, team Datalab Birds, students Radim Špetlík and Karel Rymeš supervised by PhD candidate Tomáš Borovička, won the Grand Finale against the runner up team AngryHex from Italy and Austria, also competing remotely. The organizers termed the grand finale as “the most exciting AIBIRDS match ever”. The Datalab birds agent maintained its lead right from the secondquarter-final , through the semi-final to the Grand Finale. Though AngryHex had a higher score rate in individual levels of the Grand Finale, the Datalab birds agent solved all the 8 levels taking the lead, as compared to its opponent agent which solved 7 levels. The final result stood at 529610 and 512220 respectively. For further details about the results and other participating teams, please check:

Learn more about team Datalab Birds’ 2014 win at the 21st European Conference of Artificial Intelligence in Prague, here:

See how the agent is playing here.

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Announcing the winner of the Semester competition, AI Fundamentals (BI-ZUM)

Jan Lukány wins the Semester competition: 'Minimum vertex cover using genetic algorithm' of the Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals (BI-ZUM) course with a score of 5748!

Congratulations Jan on winning the Leap Motion Controller on behalf of Data Lab

See results on:

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Team DataLab wins the ČSOB Hackathon!

Team DataLab won the ČSOB Hackathon that took place on 21th March 2015 at Era Svět, Prague.

 The competitors were expected to develop a system that would visualize the data provided by the organizers with utmost creativity. The data simulated traffic on the network. The network consisted of some servers, each of which had a number of users, administrators of the servers and hackers. The hackers attacked the servers and the administrators tried to protect them. The competition that commenced at 9 a.m., ended at 6 p.m. with the participants presenting their day’s work which was assessed by the jury. Members of the jury were Tobiáš Vybíral, graphic studio Symbolisti founder, Marek Beránek, the headmaster of the Unicorn College, Ivan Kutil, AppSatori company co-founder, and Milan Dolanský, member of ČSOB innovation team.

 Each participating team consisted of two to four participants; David Příhoda, Tomáš Brůna and Radim Špetlík lead by Tomáš Bartoň formed the DataLab team.  

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Announcing the Best Semester Projects, Data Preprocessing.

Data Lab is happy to announce the best semester projects from the Data Preprocessing course (MI-PDD):

“Extrakce dat ze sociálních sítí” - Martin Barus
“SSP - nástroj pro podporu analýzy cho
vání uživatelů” - Evgeniya Nenenko
“Prediktivní analýza kriminality na území ČR” - Maurerová Veronika

The Outstanding Semester Project was awarded to Martin Barus, who was presented with a Leap Motion Controller as a mark of appreciation.

We congratulate the students for their enthusiasm and wish them the best for their future pursuits.


Data preprocessing, Best Semester Project Award.

We at Data Lab want to encourage students in Artificial Intelligence oriented courses so here’s some motivation for all the students from the Data preprocessing course (MI-PDD) presenting their final semester project; we will be awarding the best semester project with a Leap Motion Controller!

Explore the world of Leap Motion at:

Also, the best presentation will be displayed on our website!

Yes, we are as excited as you are! Make this decision a hard one for us and we will be pleased. We look forward to your presentations.

About MI-PDD, Data preprocessing:

Data pre-processing is a crucial step for successful data mining. Data pre-processing steps can take considerable amount of time very often significantly more then processing itself. However, irrelevant, redundant and noisy information in the data complicates the training phase and usually prevents to achieve the best results. Knowledge of algorithms for data cleaning, normalization, transformation, feature extraction and selection from various data sources is a fundamental part of knowledge engineering.

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DataLab Birds' flight of glory.

Team Datalab Birds from Faculty of Information Technology won the Angry Birds AI Competition 2014 held at the 21st European Conference of Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2014)

The competition guideline was to create an artificial intelligence agent to play the popular game Angry Birds, without human intervention. There were a total of 11 participant teams from around the world! However, the Datalab Birds team, students Radim Špetlík and Karel Rymeš supervised by PhD candidate Tomáš Borovička, from the Faculty of Information Technology, CTU, constantly lead all rounds and became the AIBIRDS 2014 Champion with their grand final score being 406340, almost double of the runner up team AngryBER from the University of Ioannina in Greece which scored 243880. Team PlanA+ from Sejong University in South Korea stood third scoring 206620. To know further details about the results, refer:

See how the agent is playing here.

The winning agent was developed during the Summer Camp organized by eClub in co-operation with Data Science Laboratory. We express our gratitude to eClub and its partners, CTU MediaLab and CIG, for their unceasing support.

eClub CIGCTU in Prague


Award ceremony.


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