[May 20th, 2:30pm] Tomáš Řehořek: Recommender systems

With continuously increasing number of available products and services every day there is a need for personalized recommendations for individual customers almost everywhere. The question is no longer whether there is a product which fits customers' needs but how to find it. Recommendations are beneficial for both customer and seller - customers will find relevant products easier and faster, which in turn might increase the profit for the seller. This is already common for e-shops and streaming services like Netflix or YouTube.

[April 29th, 6pm] Tomáš Bartoň: Data Processing in Real Time with Storm

Come to Datalab and learn how data can be processed in real time using scalable infrastructure built on Mesos and powered by Storm. Tomáš Bartoň will present introduction to the field as well as our experience in building the systems on Storm. The event starts at 6pm, in the room 1347 (Datalab) of the Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague.

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