Datalab Summer Camp presentations (batch 2)

Datalab invites you to the second batch of Summer Camp final presentations. Presentations will start on Thursday, Nov 26th, 2pm, room 364, Thakurova 9, Prague and finish approximately at 15:30.

Here are the projects to be presented:

  • Jan Lukány, Log Mining (Lely)
  • Alena Moravová, Clockwork Recurrent Neural Networks (GoodAI)
  • Jakub Švehla, Data Clustering (Lely)
  • Jiří Nádvorník, Universal Artificial Intelligence AIXI (GoodAI
  • Petr Prokop, Analysis of settings of automated milking system (Lely)
  • Sergii Stamenov, Doc2vec and article popularity prediction (
  • Josef Dvořák, Improving Matchmaking in CWI: Cold Start Problem Mitigation in Recommender Systems (research project funded by FIT CTU

Datalab invites you to the second batch of Summer Camp final presentations. Presentations will start on Thursday, Nov 26th, 2pm, room 364, Thakurova 9, Prague and finish approximately at 15:20.

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Datalab Summer Camp presentations (batch 1)

Datalab invites you to the first batch of Summer Camp final presentations. There are three projects funded by companies and two basic research projects funded by our faculty to be presented. Presentations will start on Thursday, Oct 8th, 15:40, room 364, Thakurova 9, Prague and finish approximately 17:30.

Here are the projects to be presented:

  • Tomas Pajurek, Multi-agent Barn Simulation System (Lely)
  • Veronika Maurerova, Criminality Prediction in Prague (ZLD, PCR) 
  • Tomas Bruna, [Tom Barton], Chameleon2 clustering algorithm (research project funded by FIT CTU
  • Ondra Kuzela, Liquid State Machine in Brainsimulator (GoodAI
  • Vaclav Blazej, [Standa Kuznetsov], New skill ontologies in educational mining (research project funded by FIT CTU



[Aug 26th, 1:30pm] YAO HUANG (THE HATCHERY), startups NY

Datalab is proud to welcome talk on Startups by Yao Huang. The talk will take place in the room 343, Thakurova 9, FIT CTU.

Yao is the Founder and Managing Partner of The Hatchery, an organization instrumental in developing the New York technology ecosystem with an international advisory consultancy and incubator. She has helped over 350 early stage companies through various phases of maturity with a focus on product, business, revenue, and funding. She leads up the enterprise incubator in New York building products with corporate partners -- from ideation, development, sales, funding to exit. She is advisor and deal maker to the governments of 10 countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia to assist foreign technology companies in their expansion to the U.S. market. Previously, Yao co-founded an award winning digital agency, Gigapixel Creative, building technology solutions and digital strategies for corporations, startups, and advertising agencies. Clients and campaigns included Cline Davis Mann, BBDO, Y&R, Nextel, Cigna, Chase, Starwood Hotels, Universal and more. She helped launch several startups and lead the agency to 30 accolades including Top 10 Hot Creative Agencies to Watch and Forbes Best of Web. Recently, Yao was named by Forbes as one of eleven women at the center of New York’s digital scene, by Beta Beat as one of 25 Women Driving New York’s Tech Scene, and TechWeek’s 100 most influential people in tech. She is part of the U.S. State Department Global Entrepreneurship Program Delegations in bringing entrepreneurship and initiatives to strategic countries. Yao is a sought after speaker in areas of building internet companies, technology, big data, social media, and entrepreneurship. Yao and her efforts have been featured in Fortune, Inc Magazine, The Miami Herald, Reuters, Daily News, Red Herring, Crains, American Venture, and TED. She has a particular passion for helping entrepreneurs, women, and social causes with projects in place to build global communities, push more women into executive positions.


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[July 8, 10:00] Cliff Click: Fairly techy H2O innards

Datalab is proud to announce the second lecture of the Summer Camp 2015. After Kate Smith Miles who gave an excellent presentation on benchmarking of optimization algorithms - cornerstone of machine learning, our special guest will be Cliff Click, CTO at 0xdata.

Place: T9:105 (New Building of CTU)

Cliff will talk about the architecture of H2O system for fast scalable machine learning. You can also ask him what does the sparkling water mean.

About the Speaker

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[July 3, 10:00] Kate Smith-Miles: Understanding strengths and weaknesses of optimization algorithms with new visualization tools and methodologies

Datalab is proud to announce the first lecture of Summer Camp 2015. Our special guest will be Kate Smith-Miles, Professor of Mathematical Sciences at Monash University, Australia.

Place: T9:111 (New Building of CTU)

Objective assessment of optimization algorithm performance is notoriously difficult, with conclusions often inadvertently biased towards the chosen test instances. Rather than reporting average performance of algorithms across a set of chosen instances, we discuss a new methodology to enable the strengths and weaknesses of different optimization algorithms to be compared across a broader instance space. Results will be presented on TSP, timetabling and graph coloring to demonstrate:

  1. how pockets of the instance space can be found where algorithm performance varies significantly from the average performance of an algorithm;
  2. how the properties of the instances can be used to predict algorithm performance on previously unseen instances with high accuracy;
  3. how the relative strengths and weaknesses of each algorithm can be visualized and measured objectively; and
  4. how new test instances can be generated to fill the instance space and provide desired insights into algorithmic power.

About the Speaker

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