Summer Camp 2017

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DataLab introduce Summer Camp 2017 for students interested in Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Big Data.

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Important Dates:

16.06.2017 at 11:00 - Matchmaking and info meeting (TH:A1435) 

27.06.2017 at 16:30 -  Selection of projects for funding (TH:A1435)

Contact: datalab[at]

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[20 April, 11:00] Let's Talk ML

Radek Bartyzal: Matrix Factorization (slides)
Ondra Podsztavek: Transfer Learning (slides)


[6 April, 11:00] Let's Talk ML

Ondřej Bíža: Recurrent Convolutional Networks (slides)
Petr Nevyhoštěný: Restricted Boltzmann Machines (slides)

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[23 March, 11:00] Let's Talk ML

Place: TH:A:1347

Markéta Jůzlová: Attacking machine learning with adversarial examples (slides)
Veronika Maurerová: Feature extraction using CNN (slides)


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[9 March, 11:00] Let's Talk ML

Place: TH:A:1347

Petr Nevyhoštěný: EU law and machine learning (slides)
Václav Ostrožlík: Convolutional Neural Networks (slides)

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