[14 December, 11:00] Let's Talk ML

Ondra Bíža - Overcoming catastrophic forgetting in neural networks (slides)

J. Kirkpatrick et al. (2017)
Artificial Neural Networks struggle with learning multiple different tasks due to a phenomenon known as catastrophic forgetting. In my talk, I will introduce catastrophic forgetting, describe a new learning algorithm called EWC that mitigates it and briefly mention neurobiological principles that inspired the creation of EWC.

Ondra Podsztavek - Deep Q-network (slides)

Deep Q-network (DQN) is a DeepRL system which combines deep neural networks with reinforcement learning and is able to master a diverse range of Atari 2600 games with only the raw pixels and score as input. It represents a general-purpose agent that is able to adapt its behaviour without any human intervention.

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