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  • 16.06.2017 at 11:00 - Matchmaking and info meeting (TH:A1435)
    27.06.2017 at 16:30 - Selection of projects for funding (TH:A1435)

Big Data

We build scalable infrastructures and optimize the scalability of our algorithms. Runtime parallel recommender systems, large scale signal clustering environment or fast predictive models with anytime learning are some of the examples.

Data Mining

Researching data mining algorithms at any scale.


Data Analysis

Delivering personalised reports and dashboards.


Big Data

Scalable infrastructures and real-time algorithms.


Machine Learning


Improving machine learning for data mining challenges.


Join the program Cooperation with Industry!

At CTU FIT, we are transforming the way how university collaborates with external partners. With our new portal, you can directly cooperate with our students, find the most talented ones, influent their study and make them part of your team before they graduate.
The portal can also help you to build a team of senior students which can pursue reserch in directions that you specify. We offer students and staffs with project management skills and senior research staffs that can consult these projects on regular bases. Students and teams working on your projects can benefit from university infrastructures. The Data Science Laboratory is a place, where data oriented students and teams work together, share expertise and common facilities.

Contact us to join the programe, access the most talented students and have your research projects solved under the DATA Science Laboratory

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